Communication Tax and Regulatory Compliance is a resource draining activity that requires specialized expertise. Many businesses outsource this activity to reduce their risk, gain access to sales and use tax experts, and reduce their costs as compared to hiring full-time employees to manage the various functions.  RBM has successfully helped its clientele to navigate the ever-changing environment of telecommunications and information services within the US and abroad. RBM’s network of highly skilled CPA and CPA-trained practitioners have extensive knowledge and experience in the following:

Regulatory Compliance

  • State Universal Service Fund Compliance and Consulting
  • State Telephone Relay Surcharge Compliance and Consulting
  • State Public Utility/Public Service Commission Annual Reports
  • Notice Management
  • And more…

Sales and Transactions Compliance

  • State Tax Compliance and Consulting
  • Local Tax Compliance and Consulting
  • Notice Management
  • And more…

FCC Compliance

  • FCC Form 499A Compliance and Consulting
  • FCC Form 499Q Compliance and Consulting
  • FCC Form 477 Compliance and Consulting
  • And more…


  • State and Local Sales Tax Nexus Determinations
  • Systems Implementation
  • Taxability Studies
  • Tax Mapping
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting
  • FCC Consulting
  • And more…

Secretary of State

  • Entity Formation
  • Annual Reporting Compliance and Consulting
  • Name and Address Changes
  • And more…

Tax Rating

  • Monthly Tax Calculation
  • Output File Options
  • And more…

Corporate Services

  • Registered Agent Service (including Puerto Rico)
  • Notice Management

And Much More

  • Sales Tax Registrations
  • Business Licensees
  • Property Tax Compliance and Consulting
  • Federal and State Income Tax Compliance and Consulting
  • Financial Statement Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

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