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State and local taxes are a key consideration in the day-to-day operations of any business and future growth opportunities. Our state and local tax professionals can provide you with a full range of comprehensive state & local tax services and crucial information on an on-going basis to help you minimize these taxes as well as your exposure. Whether the needs are simple or complex, we can help ensure that your state and local tax burden is properly managed and that you do not pay more than is legally required.

Specialized State and Local Tax Services

Sales and Transactions Tax Compliance Outsourcing Services
Basically, you receive an off-premise sales and transactions tax employee, including not only return preparation services but someone to address questions as they come up in the business – including nexus questions, taxability, exemptions, and audit support.

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Exemption Certificate Management Services
RBM offers a complete exemption certificate solution including scanning and hosting all certificates, assistance in gathering certificates, certificate validation and expiration management.

Strategic Planning
Our strategic planning services provide an assessment of your company’s current tax position and work, in cooperation with you, to develop strategic tax planning and savings opportunities, including transaction structuring, business reorganization and restructuring and alternative filing methodologies.

Tax Refunds (income taxes and sales taxes)
Our reverse audit services provide a comprehensive review of your company’s income tax filings, asset purchases and sales revenues to recover overpayments of taxes that may result from compliance errors, recent court decisions and changes in tax policy.

Compliance Review
Our tax compliance checkups ensure your systems and records are adequate to minimize audit exposure.

Audit Representation
Our audit defense and managed audit services are aimed at representing your business’ interest during state & local tax audits to ensure you pay only what’s fair and actually owed to the taxing jurisdiction.

Nexus Reviews
Our multi-state specialists can assist you to determine if you have a tax liability in other states in which you are doing business, outside of your home state.

Real and Personal Property Valuation and Assessment Appeals
Through our strategic alliances, we can provide expert inventory, appraisal and valuation review and assessment appeals services for real property, machinery and equipment, and other business personal property assets located throughout the country. From informal conferences to administrative level appeals, we can provide local and proven relationships with state and local taxing authorities that enable us to resolve tax controversies quickly and professionally.

Voluntary Disclosure and Registration
Our voluntary disclosure and registration services allow us to represent your business’ interests on an anonymous basis before state revenue departments to correct compliance oversights and tax registration issues at the lowest possible cost, including abatement of penalties and, in some instances, interest on unpaid tax obligations.

Credits and Incentives
Our federal, state and local incentive management and administration services allow us to match your business’ site location or expansion needs with the incentives that are most appropriate, including comparative analysis of competing incentive packages.

Unclaimed Property
RBM can assist you with compliance with the Escheat Laws, including review of assessments and audit defense services.

Tax Technology
Our professionals have experience with a wide array of tax software designed to automate the processing of various state taxes and are available to assist your company to fully determine and assess the needs and cost-benefit of implementing competing tax technologies. We also offer assistance with new business, product and/or service line set-up and tax determinations.

Research and Training
Our professionals are available to assist you with answers to your state and local income, sales and use and property tax questions and tax research needs. We can also provide you with periodic updates on changing interpretations, new tax laws, and policies. Our professionals are also available for one-on-one training for you and your staff.

Communications Tax and Fee Consulting and Compliance Services
Communication companies, including VoIP providers, cable companies and others that bill for communication services, must master the complex world of taxes and fees imposed on communication services: sales taxes, state gross receipts taxes, local telecommunications taxes, federal universal fund fees, state universal service fund fees, and 911 fees. Billing and remitting these taxes and fees can be very complex. As states become more aggressive, failure to comply could cause significant exposures. On the other hand, telecommunication companies may be eligible for exemptions or refunds of overpayments of tax on purchases of services for resale and certain telecommunications equipment purchases.
RBM has extensive experience working with communications companies ranging from start-ups to large national carriers, including ISPs, wireline (LEC, CLEC and IXCs), VoIP, wireless and cable operators. Our experience in the communications industry has given us a deep understanding of the unique issues and challenges faced by our clients. From privatization to deregulation, our knowledge and expertise can help you make better decisions about the future of your business.
We offer a full range of services to the communications industry, including:

  • Communications Tax and Fee Compliance
  • Taxability of Services Determinations

Communications Tax and Fee Compliance Reviews / Due Diligence Studies
Communications Tax Controversy and Audit Defense
Refunds Reviews – Purchases of Services for Resale and Equipment Purchases
Procurement Solutions and Tax Planning
RBM also has strategic alliances with auxiliary firms for Secretary of State Compliance, Tax Rating Services, and a variety of other telecommunication compliance services.

Taxes and fees filed include, but are not limited to

  • Business and Occupation
  • E911
  • Excise Tax
  • Federal USF and Related Program Fees
  • Gross Receipts
  • Licenses Tax
  • PUC / PSC Annual Reports
  • Right-Of-Way
  • Sales and Use
  • State USF & TRS Surcharge
  • Utility Users